Reap helps you identify and engage the best people your employees have worked with without waiting for referrals

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Looking to grow your talent pool and connect with more top talent?

Identify top talent faster

Dynamically match potential candidates to every job highlighting achiever & job hopper patterns, then get your employees input automatically.


Engage with candidates directly

Contact referred and sourced candidates at scale via email with verified contact information. Monitor and track your outreach effectiveness while perfecting your pitch.


How it works

Define job matching criteria

Setup is easy. Reap allows you to weight 7 different criteria based on criticality for the role to rank candidates based on fit.

Perform your search

Search for in-network passive candidates in LinkedIn and add them to Reap with one click to match the candidates to your job and reveal their verified contact information.


Send employees referral requests

Automatically send referral requests to top ranked candidates and receive valuable input to prioritize your outreach.

Request Warm Introductions

As soon as a candidate is recommended, send the referrer a warm introduction request with an email template they can use to quickly connect you.


Reach out to candidates at scale

Create top of funnel outreach campaigns via email for referred and sourced candidates.

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Get started for free. No credit card required.