Get qualified referrals from your extended network for

high-performing salespeople.

AI candidate sourcing built for sales leaders
Tap your network

As a Sales leader, your network is filled with high-performing salespeople. Your connections and peers know the top reps they have worked with and they know who made President's Club. Let us use that network to source referrals for your open sales positions and send you vetted, qualified candidates directly to your inbox.

Hire fast

Every day that a Sales position left open is a direct impact to your revenue. According to HR Technologist, employees hired via referrals come in 55% faster than those sourced through career sites. Reap delivers referred candidates to your inbox in just a few days.

Hit your number

Be a magnet for high-performers in your network, grow your team, and generate predictable, repeatable revenue for your company.


Get Matched With Qualified, Referred  Candidates In Just 3 Days


Sync your professional network

With one click, quickly sync your professional network to start sourcing referrals for high performing candidates. Reap will not only look at all your first degree connections, but also all second degree connections to find candidates. On average that increases the candidate pool size 500 times over.

AI Matching & Referral Generation

Within 24 hours we find the top matched candidates among your first and second degree connections based on a variety of data points, then we validate their past performance directly by gathering referrals from people you trust.

Customizable Candidate Outreach

We automate outreach to top candidates to gauge interest and perform additional qualification. Saving your time and maximizing your outreach effort.


Receive Interested & Qualified Referred Candidates

You receive notifications when a potential candidate is referred by your network and once your referred candidate screening is completed.

How it works

Link your job posting

Easily link an existing job posting from your company website or any job board. If you don't have an existing posting, simply enter in the job description details to get started.


Get the value of a recruiter, without paying their 20-30% fees

Per Job


 Candidate Search Automation

AI Passive Candidate Matching

Referral Automation

Customizable Candidate Outreach

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who uses Reap?

Reap is purpose-built for Sales leaders at companies who are looking to grow their sales team and in need of finding top tier talent fast. Let your network help you hire high-performing salespeople, while you stay focused on closing deals. We focus on connecting Sales leaders with experienced, high-performing salespeople who are vetted through your network.

I am not in Sales, but I am hiring – can I use Reap?

Yes! To learn more about using Reap outside of sales, check it out here.

Why use Reap?

Top performing salespeople may or may not be actively seeking new roles. We help you leverage your network, peers, and colleagues for real introductions to qualified candidates for your open roles, resulting in faster forming, higher quality sales teams with improved quota attainment. Because our candidates are vetted through your network, you avoid the pain of having to filter through unqualified resumes. Find great candidates while saving both time and money!

Is Reap a staffing agency?

Reap is not a staffing agency, we are a referral automation platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to identify high-performing salespeople based on input from your network. We provide you a list of matched candidates, who referred them, some qualifying information about them (such as compensation expectations) and if they are interested in learning more. No more resumes of unqualified candidates flooding your inbox.

How much does Reap cost?

Reap only costs $199 per job to have access to all matched candidates. ​For growing Sales organizations, we offer team annual subscription pricing based on the number of users. To learn more, contact us at

Tel: 404-981-7193

Atlanta, GA