Get more referrals without hours of emails, meetings, and spreadsheets

Employee Referrals & Candidate Outreach

Rank & Sort Your Search

Dynamically match candidates to your jobs and sort your search results in a meaningful way to prioritize your efforts


Highlight What Matters

 Reap's AI flags achiever and job hopper patterns so you don't have to analyze hundreds of individual profiles


Vet Candidates Faster

Automatically send referral requests to employees connected with the candidates you find


Scale Your Outreach

Define your top of funnel messaging and contact candidates directly via personalized emails in mass

Super charge your search with these features


Chrome Extension Search & Add

With one click, add candidates and your mutual connections with every candidate right from your search results.


Job Hopper Indicator

Automatically identify people that are less likely to bounce around and more likely to stay.


Dynamic AI Matching

Not all requirements are created equal. Adjust and expand your matching criteria and weighting for each job.


Referral Automation

Automated referral requests are sent via email to your mutual connections of matched candidates.


AI Achiever Pattern

Reap's AI matching systematically identifies achiever patterns directly from candidate profiles.


Enterprise-Wide Talent Pool

Access all matched candidates for all of your active and historical postings.

Connect with top candidates at scale


Verified Contact Information

Reap's real-time search looks at the most up-to-date information on the web to find verified candidate contact information


Customizable Candidate Outreach

Personalized outreach with a warm introduction to passive candidates via email yields a higher conversion rate of passive candidates.


Smart Grid Collaboration

Search, filter, share, and review matched & referred candidates with the entire hiring team and actively maintain candidate status on one single page.

Keep everything in sync


Enterprise-Wide Talent Pool

Access all matched candidates for all of your active and historical postings.


ATS Integration

Track applicants efficiently throughout every stage of the process.


Applicant Match Scoring & Referral Automation

Use our dynamic matching algorithm on all applicants and get referrals from your mutual connections for them.

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